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Baumgartner, Mike (D) Jan 30, 1949 Roseau, MN, USA
Boland, Michael (D) Oct 29, 1954 London, ON, CAN
Buhr, Doug (L) Jun 29, 1949 Vancouver, BC, CAN
Burdon, Glen (C) Aug 4, 1954 Regina, SK, CAN
Burns, Robin (L) Aug 27, 1946 Montreal, QC, CAN
Charron, Guy (C) Jan 24, 1949 Verdun, QC, CAN
Coalter, Gary (R) Jul 8, 1950 Toronto, ON, CAN
Crashley, Bart (D) Jun 15, 1946 Toronto, ON, CAN
Croteau, Gary (R) Jun 20, 1946 Sudbury, ON, CAN
Deadmarsh, Butch (L) Apr 5, 1950 Trail, BC, CAN
Dube, Normand (L) Sep 12, 1951 Sherbrooke, QC, CAN
Evans, Christopher (D) Sep 14, 1946 Toronto, ON, CAN
Gilbert, Ed (C) Mar 12, 1952 Hamilton, ON, CAN
Giroux, Larry (D) Aug 28, 1951 Weyburn, SK, CAN
Harvey, Hugh (C) Jun 25, 1949 Kingston, ON, CAN
Herron, Denis (G) Jun 18, 1952 Chambly, QC, CAN
Horbul, Doug (L) Jul 27, 1952 Nokomis, SK, CAN
Houde, Claude (D) Nov 8, 1947 Drummondville, QC, CAN
Hudson, Dave (C) Dec 28, 1949 St. Thomas, ON, CAN
Hughes, Brent (D) Jun 17, 1943 Bowmanville, ON, CAN
Johnston, Larry (D) Jul 20, 1943 Kitchener, ON, CAN
Lagace, Jean-guy (D) Feb 5, 1945 L'Abord-a-Plouffe, QC, CAN
Lefley, Bryan (D) Oct 18, 1948 Grosse Isle, MB, CAN
Lehvonen, Henry (D) Aug 26, 1950 Sarnia, ON, CAN
Lemelin, Roger (D) Feb 6, 1954 Iroquois Falls, ON, CAN
Lemieux, Rich (C) Apr 19, 1951 Temiscamingue, QC, CAN
McDuffe, Peter (G) Feb 16, 1948 Milton, ON, CAN
McElmury, Jim (D) Oct 3, 1949 St. Paul, MN, USA
Murray, Ken (D) Jan 22, 1948 Toronto, ON, CAN
Nolet, Simon (R) Nov 23, 1941 St-Odilon, QC, CAN
Paiement, Wilfred (R) Oct 16, 1955 Earleton, ON, CAN
Patterson, Dennis (D) Jan 9, 1950 Peterborough, ON, CAN
Plasse, Michel (G) Jun 1, 1948 Montreal, QC, CAN
Powis, Lynn (C) Jul 7, 1949 Maryfield, SK, CAN
Rota, Randy (C) Aug 16, 1950 Creston, BC, CAN
Snell, Ted (R) May 28, 1946 Ottawa, ON, CAN
Wright, John (C) Nov 9, 1948 Toronto, ON, CAN
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