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Ahern Jr, Frederick (R) Feb 12, 1952 Boston, MA, USA
Andruff, Ronald (C) Jul 10, 1953 Port Alberni, BC, CAN
Arnason, Ernest (R) Jul 15, 1951 Dauphin, MB, CAN
Beck, Barry (D) Jun 3, 1957 Vancouver, BC, CAN
Christie, Michael (D) Dec 20, 1949 Big Spring, TX, USA
Contini, Joseph (C) Jan 29, 1957 Galt, ON, CAN
Croteau, Gary (R) Jun 20, 1946 Sudbury, ON, CAN
Delorme, Elmer (C) Sep 3, 1955 Cochin, SK, CAN
Dupere, Denis (L) Jun 21, 1948 Jonquiere, QC, CAN
Edur, Thomas (D) Nov 18, 1954 Toronto, ON, CAN
Favell, Douglas (G) Apr 5, 1945 St. Catharines, ON, CAN
Gardner, Paul (C) Mar 5, 1956 Fort Erie, ON, CAN
Hudson, Dave (C) Dec 28, 1949 St. Thomas, ON, CAN
Jodzio, Richard (R) Jun 3, 1954 Edmonton, AB, CAN
Kitchen, Michael (D) Feb 1, 1956 Newmarket, ON, CAN
Klassen, Ralph (C) Sep 15, 1955 Humboldt, SK, CAN
Lefley, Bryan (D) Oct 18, 1948 Grosse Isle, MB, CAN
Lemelin, Roger (D) Feb 6, 1954 Iroquois Falls, ON, CAN
McCahill, John (D) Dec 2, 1955 Sarnia, ON, CAN
McElmury, Jim (D) Oct 3, 1949 St. Paul, MN, USA
McKenzie, William (G) Mar 12, 1949 St. Thomas, ON, CAN
Neely, Robert (R) Nov 9, 1953 Sarnia, ON, CAN
Nistico, Lou (C) Jan 25, 1953 Thunder Bay, ON, CAN
O'Brien, Dennis (D) Jun 10, 1949 Port Hope, ON, CAN
Oleschuk, William (G) Jul 20, 1955 Edmonton, AB, CAN
Owchar, Dennis (D) Mar 28, 1953 Dryden, ON, CAN
Paiement, Wilfred (R) Oct 16, 1955 Earleton, ON, CAN
Pierce, Randy (R) Nov 23, 1957 Arnprior, ON, CAN
Plasse, Michel (G) Jun 1, 1948 Montreal, QC, CAN
Pyatt, Frederick (C) Sep 9, 1953 Port Arthur, ON, CAN
Skinner, Larry (C) Apr 21, 1956 Vancouver, BC, CAN
Spruce, Andrew (L) Apr 17, 1954 London, ON, CAN
Suzor, Mark (D) Nov 5, 1954 Windsor, ON, CAN
Van Boxmeer, John (D) Nov 20, 1952 Petrolia, ON, CAN
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