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The Devils Fan Club is the official booster club of the National Hockey League's New Jersey Devils. With over 800 members, the DFC is the largest booster club in the NHL! The Devils Fan Club operates as an independent, volunteer organization, to support the New Jersey Devils and to promote a greater interest in the sport of ice hockey. Visit to learn more.


The Diablos were formed at the beginning of the 2011-2012 hockey season when New Jersey Devils management felt that an energized fan supporter section was just what the team, "The Rock", and the fan-base needed. An open invitation was sent out, and those wishing to become members of this unique group were asked to attend a meeting hosted by the Devils, where the name, and the Captains were chosen. The Diablos were now well on their way to becoming a group where a die-hard Devils fan could feel at home to express enthusiasm and excitement, while bringing heat and energy to the arena with fellow fans that shared a common passion.

The Diablos rely on a simple code of conduct. Members of this unique group must STAND and CHEER while the puck is in play. They must proudly wear Devils attire to all games. There is NO leaving the game early. This section is for New Jersey Devils fans only. Tickets cannot be passed onto opposing fans. Lastly members must attend group meetings, so that everyone's voice can be heard.

Since their inception, the Diablos have been a growing, yet commanding, presence in the arena where their main focus is to create an atmosphere at Devils games that is loud, exciting and inviting to the entire arena and fellow Devils fans, young and old. It is important to remember that no matter how the game is going, we must support our team, win or lose. The Diablos purpose is to bring a level of energy that is loud and exciting to the arena, and make "The Rock" the LOUDEST in the NHL! The Diablos are here to be heard. They are here to support Jersey's team, and fuel the fire in our boys' hearts!!

This coming season is set to be a big one for the New Jersey Devils. The Diablos intend to let this team know they have the full support of everyone in those seats. The Diablos will be at every home game, louder and prouder than ever before. Last year, some of the Diablos took their undying energy on the road attending games in many other venues. This season they hope to be an even bigger support to our Devils on the road.

This group can only grow and have an impactful effect if we make it happen together. We all have a common bond, the love of the greatest team in the NHL, the New Jersey Devils. So if you are the type of fan that likes to stand up and cheer for your team, win or lose, maybe you have what it takes to be a Diablos. Contact your fan representative today for information on how YOU can become a member of The DIABLOS.


The 233 Crazies are a loyal, die-hard New Jersey Devils fan group. We were the 1st and original supporters section that use to be Section 228 in the old arena and was EST.1993 until 2006 when we moved to the Prudential Center. We are at every New Jersey Devils home game in Section 233 "Rocking the Rock" at the home of Devils, the Prudential Center also known as "The Rock!"

We have a large following of Devils fans that have also joined our group from sections throughout the arena that can be seen proudly wearing the 233 jerseys. Not all in our group have the 233 Crazies jerseys as some do have 233 t-shirts, but are part of this group as well. We are approaching 200 jerseys and will continue to grow. The 228 now the 233 Crazies have been around for 20-years now and growing bigger and bigger with each passing season. We are a very friendly group and just want to get all the Devils fans to unite and rise up at all the Devils games home and away. We support everyone. We always have a good time and welcome all Devils fans to join us at the games.

Many members of the group have gone on road trips to many other arenas in the NHL over the years and many fans and media have seen and spotted our 233 Crazies jerseys and our group. Every season we try to attend some road trips in support of our New Jersey Devils. As the season progresses keep checking our page for updates on upcoming road trips and other events.